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Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy
Pte. Ltd, registered in Singapore since 1997, is a wholly owned subsidiary
company under Yamato Denki Group in Japan. In our corporation we have five primary businesses (Facility Maintenance, Consultation, Energy Management, Operations and minor construction / renovation).

Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has extensive experience in the operation, maintenance and management of commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Our experience spans a broad array of services, including:

M&E Operations Services
M&E Maintenance Services
Air-Conditioning Preventive / Predictive Maintenance
Energy Management
Indoor Air Quality
Engineering / Technical Support
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In performing this work, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has dealt with mechanical systems, electrical and utility systems and infrastructures of every type, size, age and degree of technical sophistication.

The benefits of this experience are two fold. First, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. has a thorough knowledge of the requirements mandated by today’s technically advanced buildings. This includes control and reporting systems to track labor and material costs as well as documentation systems to ensure collection and summation of maintenance data for management activities such as configuration control, performance analysis and specification compliance. Second, Air Tech Engineering and Consultancy Pte. Ltd. facilities management approach has proven effective in the most demanding of environments.

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